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this is a school proyect with limitations by time (1 day) and mechanics (entities that walk around and die by contact, and 1 enemy that follows you and instakill you), so I couldn't do anything but this.

So, the game consist to find the portal that lead you out of the dungeon.

You can walk using asdw , and you can invoke a wall of ice using your left mouse button(it is a temporal obstacle for the monster but not for you ), and u can run pressing shift.

this guy is an ork, it will die upon a colision with you but u will take 1 hp damage, they are dumb, so they does not follow you, they just walk around.

this is a potion, it will heal you 1hp.

this is a key, you will need it to surpass a closed gate.

this is the guardian, it instakill you, and it follows you, so be aware of it all time.

The game is easy and short (5 min beeing generous) so dont take too seriously.

I used music and textures from other people, films or  games, I do not claim their rigths or anything, this is just a student proyect so dont be a dork.

Please comment if you like it and if u want to play something similar but better, if that's the case I may make something like this but way better.

Install instructions

just dowload the rar and unzip it, you'll find the .exe inside.

to uninstall just delete the folder.


Restless dungeon 34 MB

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